About Akama Holding

Akama Holding

Akama Holding creates, acquires, invests in and develops companies for the benefit of all their stakeholders. Akama Holding has also invested in several promising businesses and start-ups.

Akama Holding builds on the solid foundation Julien and Alexandre Hawari laid in 1998 with Mediaquest, a company that grew both organically and through acquisitions. It also diversified its activities to incorporate tech solutions and marketing services, expanding geographically in the process.

In 2008, Mediaquest Investment Holding (MIH) was incorporated to own and run growing portfolio of companies. In 2020, a new structure has been put in place under Akama Holding, a new holding company set up in the UAE and led by Alexandre Hawari. The move reflects the continued transformation of one of the region’s most successful and influential private holding groups and opens the door to a new chapter of growth.

Akama Holding is also working on the launch of an investment arm, Akama Ventures, to invest in tech, including martech, AI, gaming, AR/VR, consumer and commerce. It will partner with a number of investors to take stakes in exciting emerging businesses in entertainment and tech in the region. It will nurture them through their next stage of growth through its proprietary ACE (Acquire, Consult, Exit) process. As MIH, Akama Holding has invested over $10 million in more than 10 companies, generating strong returns, and successfully exited from two.

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